RESTORATION --- fund raising

project Fund Raising efforts

Since the Oregon Depot Restoration began, there have been two tiers of financial support. Donations of $500 or more qualify contributors as Benefactors. Those contributing a more modest amount are recognized as Donors.

Engraved Platform Bricks

As part of the restoration project, the brick platforms adjacent to the depot will be rebuilt. Some of the bricks included for that reconstruction will be engraved in recognition of those whose monies have been instrumental in allowing the goals of the project to be realized. All Benefactors will have an engraved brick in a separate area of the platform, and in 2007, a program was initiated whereby individuals may have a brick from the original platform engraved in recognition of their personal contribution of $50. These bricks will be incorporated into the portion of the platform at the front entrance to the depot. Bricks may be ordered using the form made available here.

Special Memorial Room

The completed restoration of the depot will utilize one of the original rooms as a Memorial Room, dedicated to those with personal memories of the passenger station. The Room will provide special recognition of the military personnel who embarked for the service through the Oregon CB&Q Depot, and for a donation of $100, contributors will have their name and memories documented there.

All donations should be addressed to The Oregon Depot Museum, 4907 S. Hidden Heights Road, Oregon, IL 61061.