RESTORATION --- Progress of 2005

progress through 2005 as told by Bob Rees

Oregon Depot Gang Returns Yet Again!!!

Oregon High alumni

For the fourth consecutive year, the alumni group from the Oregon high school graduating class of 1949, gathered to share friendships with each other, and hard work on the depot. Their ambition and dedication has now resulted in the near completion of the unenviable task of removing the brown paint from the beautiful interior oak woodwork.

Exterior Brickwork and Entry Doors

This year's major projects included the repair of exterior brickwork and replacement of the entry doors. The City of Oregon provided most of the financial support for these projects as funding became available.

Jim's Brickwork door installation

Jim Wilson, the mason who built and donated our chimney during the roof project in 2002, returned to restore our building corners and loose bricks. He also replaced a wall that had suffered damage due to the failed roof, and tuck pointed where it was most needed.

Dick Zimmerman, a highly popular and busy contractor, found time to install our recently constructed entry doors. He donated his expertise in fitting the doors and installing the hardware.

Both of these projects have been a long time in planning and have been very expensive, but the depot is starting to look more like its old dignified self when it was a busy passenger stop for the Twin Cities Zephyrs.

The depot's missing oak trim is now being fabricated by Cain Millwork in Rochelle, Illinois, and should be ready for installation in the spring of 2006. Fir flooring for the ticket office is now stacked in the depot awaiting installation. Hopefully this can be accomplished in the near future with the help of a contractor.

much improved southwest corner of depot